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- The price is low due to OEM production of black box specialist company.
- Perfect waterproof can be used at leisure.
- Facial recognition artificial intelligence (AI) Special person extraction is possible.

Multifunctional all-in-one

Face recognition(AI) function

Golobal shutter System

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Realtime video screen

If you focus on the flash, you can save the image in real time and play the video.

Flashlight image lens

It is equipped with a flashlight and a video range to illuminate the front, and real-time security management.

Easy controller

It is user-friendly by providing users with easy and intuitive buttons during flash operation.

Lightweight and rigid material

The flash case is made of light and hard material and is easy to carry.

Product Description

Leisure activity It is very good market because it can be used variously as a mobile black box in various incidents, accident scene, security, patrol security field.

  • Mobile complements

    The smart image storage device is fused like a flashlight so that the light is secured and the shooting is clearly stored. It can be taken instantly, and it is convenient to carry and use it anytime and anywhere.

  • Technical complement

    It is easy to expand the technology by waterproof function, image storage and facial recognition function so that you can shoot even in bad weather condition, so it can be used in police, soldiers, security guards and leisure because it can shoot in the snow and rain. I will.

  • Stable supplement

    The smart image storage device has various functions such as image stabilization function, storage capacity and high speed 60 fps.

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